15 July 2012

Culdevco and Colors of South Africa will work together with ABCz on the introduction of a novel pear, named CHEEKY. After a period of testing, a commercial master plan will be developed. Under this plan, ABCz will be the master licensee for the production and sales of trees in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia.

CHEEKY is a variety developed by the ARC of South Africa and is represented by Culdevco globally. Currently, the variety is grown on 200 ha in South Africa, making it the most successful new pear introduction of the last decades.

CHEEKY is a brightly blushed pear with an excellent eating quality and storage potential. Its blush is retained even at higher temperatures, making it ideally suited for warmer regions. In South Africa, the fruit is harvested about 10 days before Williams.