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Welcome to ABCz

ABCz is an international group, dedicated to developing new apple and pear varieties.

ABCz positions itself as an independently operating variety developer, aimed at delivering value to all players in the fruit value chain. To achieve this goal, we combine technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of intellectual property rights and a global professional network in the industry.

For fruit marketers, fruit producers and tree nurseries, we offer carefully selected new varieties. Productivity, taste, appeal and storage potential are critical criteria when we select varieties from a wide range of breeding initiatives. In times where the offer of new varieties is growing exponentially, ABCz is there to help you see the forest for the trees. When the decision to launch a variety has been made, ABCz is your partner to develop the variety to your needs and according to the concept that provides the best economic return.

For breeders, ABCz is the partner of choice to explore and develop the potential of their selections. ABCz’s job starts where the breeder’s work ends. We offer breeders and owners of hybrids and mutants the best possible deal: transparency, global reach, commercial drive and fair royalty returns


Aldestraat 44
B-3500 Hasselt
Tel: +32 (0) 11 28 35 50
E-mail: info@abcz-group.com